Thursday, April 26, 2018. Thanks for helping me raise over £20,000 on behalf of CLIC Sargent, and up next comes the 2018 London Marathon. We have raised £2,332 towards this new £2,000 target! A huge “thankyou” for your support.

#F8DE9F Raised £2,332 towards the £2,000 target.Special thanks for supporting my 2016 marathon challenges. To John and Hilary Bennett, Norma Smart, Ros and Roger Locke, Madeleine, Anneliese and Marion, and Madeleine’s university friends for helping to make Keith’s Marathon Quiz Night such a success, and to everyone that attended and contributed. Amazing iron person Barbara Hackworthy  and half iron person April Whitehead. New parkrunner Paul Sycamore and Ann Sycamore. Rugby World Cup sweepstake winner (and #strictly sweepstake runner up) Bill Frewing. On behalf of the Naked Ramblers, all the way from New Mexico, Debra Paul. After winning the quiz at the Red Cow, Sandwich, the night before Mum’s funeral, Marion, Madeleine, Anneliese and Ian. Fellow Manchester Marathon runnner Karen Croad. From Egdon Heath Harriers and parkrun Lucy Wyman and Ellie Clark. Matt Penn, naked rambler Michelle Bray and singlesportsperson Adele Holmes.

Ann and Paul Sycamore, Jane Pooler, Michelle Bray, Janette Haigh, Rani Haet, Rik Vanhoutteghem,  Linda Ahearne, Debra Paul, Dave Clarkson, Chris and Sandie Cussen, Matt Penn, Rob Montgomery, Helen Forrest, Laura Tuohey, Neil Thompson, Bill Frewing, Eddie Scorer, Adrian Wheeler, Tim and Rachel Hoyle, Steve Quinnell, Paul Bell, Ciaron Rider, Rob Semmence, Rich Paull, Jay Arya, Elliot Beazer, Chris Trachy, fellow Egdon Heath Harrier Karen Croad, Kurtis Schnorr, Chris Brock, Diana Browne, Jane and Hannah Preston, Liz and Donna (the Whateverly Sisters, aka Mrs S-P), Dave Symonds, Michelle Surridge, Madeleine (my daughter), and her friends  Rand, Che, Karim, Katie, Hannah and Jenny, Dan Hare, Kirit Lakhani, Justin Bell, Graham Aston, fellow addick Dennis Sullivan, fellow brass tack Jenny Bray, Steve Daws, my first text donor, Alan and Jean Cox, Mick Wheelhouse, Howard Legg and Trish de Jonge, Paul Dobson, Dewi Bygrave, Richard and Charlie Bartlett, Ann Coman, Matthew and Jennie McGowan, fellow Egdon Heath Harrier Kim Fudge and husband Jim, the baking team Marcus, Sierra and Gracie Bell and Julie Sansom, an anonymous text donor, Martin Bunyard, Gareth Hughes, Ewan McCutcheon, Tracey Hookings, Ian Mobberley, Andy Jarvis, Matt Breech, Tracey Jarman, Leanna Fry, the customers of the Swan, Weymouth, Anneliese (my other daughter), Mrs Edna Pullen (mum), John and Jane Peace, another fellow addick Steve Loveday, David McHugo, Helen Williams, Pete Bishop, Lynne Burden, Rosie Gaskell, the Benhams, John and Mary, Robert and Sarah, SingleSport founder Ruth Paul and daughter (and skiing supericon) Lisa, David Laurie, Dorset Echo reporter Oscar Tollast, Pete Bellingham, the Shipmates skittles team, Jon May, Claire McBride, thanks to “busking marathon” helpers Paul Sycamore, Dave Symonds, Jon May, Peter Philp and Steve and Max Daws; to James Lee, Tony Penn, Harry Walton for more excellent coverage in “View From Weymouth”, Iain Ross for yet more excellent coverage in the Wyke Register, Madeleine’s clever quiz team-mates Mike and Harry, David James from Air 107.2 Community Radio For Weymouth, Hormuz Rebati, Andrew Hawthorn, Marion Frances, another anonymous text donor, Christina Machs-Smith, the Just Giving team, Stir Crazy quiz opponents (and occasional team-mates) Sheila and Alan Manton, and from work, Anne Kelly, serial marathon man Rob Love, Dave Osbourne; all the donors from “Koncert For Keith” (apols. if any of these names are wrong) – Jean Capp, Ellen Doyle, Beryl Deacon and Kimberley Dukes, Sheila Rodney, Annette Day, John Squibb, Eileen Stevens, Len and Elfrida Strom, Gillian Crawshaw, Dennis Fairchild, Sandy Kennedy, fellow Brass Tack Roger Chapman, Henry Bennett, Rita Cox, Bessie Snook, Antonia Goss, Richard Moass, Ros Kent, Trish Starbuck, Malcolm Spicer, Jon May (again), Elliot May, and Liz and Donna (the Whateverlys, again); Jan and John Southeran, Mike Clements, Leah George, Graham Lightfoot, Andy Campbell, Michael Rogers, Paula Fry, Ros and Roger Locke, David Mawer, Jonathan Bennett, Kristian Rogers, Caroline Saines, Denise Brown, Kevin Hambleton, Mark Payne, Alan Garside, Mike and Claire Moffat, Sally Cubbin, Sue Williams, Rosemary Collins, Foca runner Kevin Lewis (sorry you had to miss the Paris marathon), Adele Holmes, Maralyn Stirling, Dick Williams, Susan Gill-Fischer, Alan and Sheila, Debs and Dave (aka “Stir Crazy”), my cousins Kathy Clark, Marian Bartlett and Judith Ross, Keith Gool, Liz and Clint Dance (apparently Clint ran it a good few years back), Ken Speirs, Darren Churchill, Catherine Hiles, Steve Manders, Caraline Brown, Vince Levey, John and Hilary Bennett, Sue Nicholson, Cath Knight, Brenda Fooks, neighbour Mike, Jeni Richards, Sandra Hood, Alicia Watkins, Frank Devine, Simon Watson, my brother Ian Pullen, Graham Rice, Richard Orme, quiz team “Dazed and Confused”, Harsh Sharma, Charlotte Head, Rose Bruce, Jestina Anderson, Don Oldridge, Salv Demontis, Mal Cowton, Kim Wrighton, Sue Scott, Tina Gillim, Matt Putt, Anne Kerins, Emma Aicken, Sandra Pearce, Taryn Bercowicz, Geoff Fisher, Helen Egan, Judith Ryan, Tina Haggett, Sharon Sylvester and the customers and staff of TLC Weymouth – apols. if I get anyone’s name wrong Mrs S Adams, Mr F Calder, Ms L Halfhide, Mrs J Jones, Emma Horsefall, Mrs D Walker, Mrs S Garbett, Miss L Arnold, Carol Hoey, Mr D Fagence, Mrs L Leach, Mrs S Wood, and Mrs A Cafer; fellow Shipmate Spike Piddock, another Shipmate James Bennett, Sue and the customers of the Little Ship, Chiswell, Portland, John Wicksteed, Peter Miles, Alan Mackey, April Whitehead, David and Jenny Hinde, my quizmaster (and glamorous assistant) John and Hilary Bennett, Jan Slate, Hayley Howard, Celia Robertson, Lynne and Barbara Latham, Billy Austin, Dave Preston, John Scrivens, Anthony Brown, Bev Smith, Rod Drew, Paul Clarkson, Mel Ward, Anna Livesey, Sue and Charlie Thompson, Kathy Davis, Stuart Paterson, Darren Dukes, Peter Harriman, Sam Whitaker, Nick Thorpe, Ellie Clark, Lucy Wyman.