London Training Logs

And here were the logs for London after I got my a%^e in gear and started taking it seriously:

41The 2014 Virgin London MarathonThe 2014 Virgin London Marathon!!!!!
40The plan called for an easy 15 minutes. Judith was worried for my safety in Stratford. So I ran from the station to the Travelodge πŸ™‚
39The plan called for 20 minutes easy. I was going to miss my train to #VLMexpo. So I ran to the station
38Week 16 Wednesday Taper RunSlow trot around the block
37Week 16 Tuessday Club Taper RunReally nice to return to EHH run from squash club with old friends from last year. And Nancy De Beer is running London too πŸ™‚
36Week 15 Sunday Short Long RunPenultimate Sunday Long Run! The calm before the storm. Only 75 minutes "easy" - return to the wind and rain of January!
35Week 15 Thursday Ten By Three Minute ThresholdsMiddle hour ten * three minute thresholds, followed by three minutes recovery - not a bad run at all after Sunday's effort
34Week 15 Wednesday Slow Faster Fast10 minutes slow, 10 minutes faster, 10 minutes fast - pretty good times uphill on Rodwell Trail at the end πŸ™‚
33Week 15 Tuesday Beyond The SeaAfraid I cocked up Garmin tonight - this was a 30 minute recovery run down to Ferrybridge, but you wouldn't know it from the Garmin log!
32Week 14 Sunday Slow Long RunNick and Phoebe asked for two easy hours - just felt bad - don't know if it was the extra heat, or overindulged the diet coke last night
31Week 14 Friday Marathon Pace45 minutes steady, 45 minutes marathon pace, but had to embrace the comfort stop again
30Week 14 Wednesday Short Thresholds6 * 3 minute thresholds - same route as yesterday - went pretty well πŸ™‚
29Week 14 Tuesday RecoveryThought I should research what the point of a recovery run was πŸ™‚ Took it easy, but my easy is still much quicker than it used to be - nice route down to the old pier, but cold and rainy.
28Week 13 Sunday Long RunRun for 2.5 hours first 1.5 slow then speed up if feeling good. But steady for me is now much faster than it used to be. Speeded up but really tough finish into the wind on the causeway and up the Rodwell trail. Felt bad at the end πŸ™ but inside 4hr pace πŸ™‚
27Week 13 Thursday Slow-Faster-Fastest15 minutes slow, faster, fastest
26Week 13 Wednesday Short ThresholdsShort thresholds, but had a rest at the bottom of Lanehouse Hill
25Week 13 Tuesday RecoveryWeek 13 starts with half hour around the block, with little bit extra tagged on. Decent pace.
24Week 12 Thursday Thresholds On SundayNick and Phobe's 3 * 12 minute thresholds - Wow - did it (but three days late!)
23Week 12 Sunday Run On A FridayAs Nick and Phoebe said there's no 11th commandment that says "thou shalt do the long run on a Sunday". Third hour at faster than four hour marathon pace.
22Week 12 Wednesday Short Recovery Near DisasterShort recovery run (and nearly caught short!!) hence the walking sections
21Week 12 Tuesday RecoveryTrot over to Portland - legs still feeling it from Sunday
20Week 11 Sunday "Grizzly Cub"A great day out in Seaton for the Axe Valley Runners' "Grizzly Cub"
19Week 11 Thursday ThresholdsTough and finished on Rylands Lane hill, but getting stronger at the end
18Week 11 Wedneday RecoveryAnother recovery run, but threw in Lanehouse Hill at the end πŸ™‚
17Week 11 Tuesday Recovery"Recovery Run" - lovely night for a trip to Portland - Sue at the Little Ship is hoping to run a sweepstake, so dropped in to see her
16Week 10 Sunday - Bath HalfThe Bath Half - could hardly have gone better πŸ™‚ A massive "negative split"
15Week 10 Short ThursdayA short (fairly quick) run as last rehearsal before concert at Charmouth
14Week 10 Steady WednesdayLonger loop to Portland at Four Hour marathon pace - hmmmm could I keep this up?
12aWeek 10 Easy TuesdayNice to have a mini taper before Bath half - pretty good run πŸ™‚
12Week 9 Sunday Long RunLongest run to date - hard work, particularly the last bit into the wind along the sea front πŸ™
11Week 9 Thursday SprintsUp the Dorchester Road, then finished with some sprints
10Week 9 Wednesday Slow QuickOver to Portland again, slowly, then much faster on the way back
09Week 9 Tuesday Quick SlowAlternating quick and slow
08Week 8 Sunday Long RunLongest to date - pretty good 30k followed by pretty good breakfast at the Sailors Return
07Week 8 Thursday ThresholdsAgain some thresholds to finish
06Week 8 Easy WednesdayNothing easy about going to Portland in that wind!!!
05Week 8 Tuesday HillsOver to Portland and then some sprints up hill. One of those runs when you feel really good πŸ™‚
04Week 7 Sunday Long RunPretty windy and Garmin ran out of power at the end so did just over 25k in th end
03Week 7 Thursday ThresholdsUp the Dorchester road and back, then some thresholds at the end
02Week 7 Easy Wednesday10k around one one my standard routes
01Week 7 Tuesday HillsLanehouse hill in the wind and the rain