Paris Training Logs

New Year’s resolution 2015 – to start proper training for the Paris Marathon, so here are the Garmin logs for all to see again πŸ™‚

Grand Total536.17
Week 16 Total40.15
66Week 16 Sunday - The Paris MarathonAmazing day. Sub four hour marathon man πŸ™‚26.22
65Week 16 Saturday Paris Breakfast RunParis 5km breakfast run with Madeleine followed by pain au chocolate breakfast.3.15
64Week 16 Thursday 5 Miles With 3 @ TempoTapering - last tempo - 3 miles in the middle at about 8:24 pace. Paris so close!!!!4.97
63Week 16 Tuesday Pub Run MoretonFirst pub run for me this year. Easy run from Frampton Arms Moreton. Nice and flat, but forgot to start Garmin, so lost about a mile.5.81
Week 15 Total31.96
62Week 15 Sunday 12 Miles EasySo calm today. A joy to run over to Portland then back to Greenhilll and home.12.65
61Week 15 Friday 5 Miles EasyNice easy one. Probably the only run I'll ever do where I post my divorce form on the way around - hmmmm.5.11
60Week 15 Thursday Easy 5 MilesDoes just what is says on the (taper) tin πŸ™‚5.60
59Week 15 Wednesday 5 Miles With 3 @ TempoTaper time πŸ™‚ Forgot to start Garmin so unusual route including newly restored path onto (and of off) the Rodwell Trail. Pushed hard uphill at the end.4.97
58Week 15 Tuesday Club Night Nothe FortDecided to do Les group from squash club. As you can see headed for the Nothe Fort.3.64
Week 14 Total43.79
57Week 14 Sunday Yeovil Half MarathonPlanned to run at 5:30 mins / km and did it. Quite tough in the wind but a very satisfying run. Now tapering πŸ™‚13.04
56Week 14 Friday 7 Miles Easy Just seemed (too?) easy tonight?!? Quadrophenia. Raindrops twinkling in the laserlight.7.28
55Week 14 Thursday Easy 7 MilesNothing more to say really πŸ™‚7.75
54Week 14 Wednesday 8 Miles With 4 @Tempo Good tempo run, with the highlight being "Mel the bell", this time on the car hooter.7.95
53Week 14 Tuesday Club Night New Link RoadFirst run after 22 miler. Easy out and back, with faster runs up and down Chickerell Link Road.7.77
Week 12a Total48.67
52Week 12a Sunday Longest Run 22 MilesSlight reroute for unscheduled comfort stop, but 22 miler out the way. Ran faster than maybe I should have for second half, but was in a rhythm. 2,563 calories it says. Hitting the cake now πŸ™‚ Only 3 weeks to go!21.97
51Week 12a Friday 5 Miles EasyShould have been 8km but unplanned trip to Portland visitor centre added an extra km πŸ˜‰ Joni Mitchell's Blue helped me around today.5.60
50Week 12a Thursday 6 Miles EasyWhat happened to spring? Freezing when I got home. Averaged about 6 mins / km. Listened to Les Mis again. And the b$%^^y boiler broke down when I got home πŸ™6.29
49Week 12a Wednesday 10 miles Zoe Yassos 10 miles with 8 lots of 800m yassos. Went pretty well after Weymouth half.9.94
48Week 12a Tuesday Club Night Radipole MileFollowed Ray Samways along measured mile tonight. Must have done it in 6 mins something πŸ™‚ Nice and easy apart from that.4.86
Week 12 Total45.17
47Week 12 Part 2 Sunday Weymouth HalfWell officially a PB but Garmin logs it about 200m shorter than Bath and 2 secs / km slower. But I'm not complaining. Ran much faster than I should have done.13.15
46Week 12 Part 2 Saturday Over To PortlandFirst run after skiing. Faster than it should have been but a bit like a coiled spring after a week off πŸ™‚7.51
45Week 12 Friday Time Trial2k timetrial. Not sure what this proves at the end of Grizzweek, but good second km. Makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to improve my parkrun time. Hmmm but a few seconds faster than a month ago πŸ™‚3.23
44Week 12 Thursday 6 Miles EasyTook it fairly easy over to Portland. Only the second time I've played music while running. Les Miserables got me around.6.59
43Week 12 Wednesday 9 Miles 5 @TempoHmmm - pretty tough first serious run after the Grizzly, but kept going at good pace for 5 miles.8.95
42Week 12 Tuesday Easy Club RunFirst post Grizzly run. Les was doing some "speed" work, but took this very easy. Ran a bit harder on the way home at the end.5.75
Week 11 Total45.37
41Week 11 Sunday The Grizzly!Awesome! The Dash To Delirium. 20 miles of grime and punishment. Thanks to Rachael, today's partner in grime.19.26
40Week 11 Saturday Parkrun 30 Minute Pacer3 miles at 6mins / km just right for Saturday. Lady followed me and achieved PR PB in 269th run! And daughter Madeleine followed me around in first ever PR too πŸ™‚3.11
39Week 11 Friday 8 Miles Tempo10 miles with 8 @ 4 hour MP. What a stunning afternoon for a run πŸ™‚9.95
38Week 11 Wednesday 7 Miles Easy7 miles at 6 mins / km pace7.09
37Week 11 Tuesday Club RunNice and easy with hilly bit by Granby Ind Estate with Denise Brown taking over from Les πŸ™‚5.96
Week 10 Total46.63
36Week 10 Sunday 20 Miles20 miles @ 6:10 pace, speeding up at the end. Windy and rainy. Tough. Conked out on the last hill πŸ™19.88
35Week 10 Saturday Nonsuch ParkrunBonus run. Fairly easy trot around snowy, muddy and exotically named Nonsuch Park.3.11
34Week 10 Friday 10 Miles 8 @ MPGetting the hang of Garmin programming. Eight miles just inside 4 hour MP. Going well at the moment. Pleeeeease may it continue.
33Week 10 Wednesday Zoes5 km of Zoes / Yassos. Worked out how to programme Garmin for a workout πŸ™‚ - think Sonars are easier πŸ˜‰9.10
32Week 10 Tuesday Club Measured MileUsed the legend that is Frances Anderson to set the pace. Felt pretty comfortable so surprised it was as fast as it was πŸ™‚ Also some sprints afterwards4.59
Week 9 Total42.51
31Week 9 Sunday Long Speed Up At EndFor an extra five miles, carried on for a complete lap of the Rodwell Trail at 4 hour marathon pace πŸ™‚3.86
31Week 9 Sunday Long Weymouth Half Tried out the Weymouth Half course with Hayley and April. Missed a bit by the Preston Beach Road14.07
30Week 9 Thursday 7 Miles @ MP9 miles run with 7 miles at (a rather ambitious) marathon pace8.92
29Week 9 Wednesday 3 Miles Tempo5km tempo at about 5mins per km5.97
29Week 9 Wednesday WarmupWarmup for 3 mile tempo run.2.49
28Week 9 Tuesday Club RunStill Richard taking the easy group. Some fartlekky things on the seafront, then a hilly bit and back through Lodmoor.7.21
Week 8 Total35.78
27Week 8 Sunday Long Run 14 MilesOver to Portland with London marathoners Hayley and Mike. Ran up Portland today! Then off to 'spoons for breakfast πŸ™‚13.86
26Week 8 Friday Easy 4 MilesFor an easy 4 miles an extended Ferrybridge loop.4.11
25Week 8 Thursday Timetrialβ€œ1 mile” (well 2km) timetrial and warmdown, Second km into the wind got tough by the end.2.21
25Week 8 Thursday WarmupWarmup for β€œ1 mile ” timetrial0.93
24Week 8 Wednesday 8 Miles Hilly3 * Belfield + 2 * Lanehouse + 1 * Army Camp + 1 * Everset = 8 miles. Again went surprisingly well πŸ™‚8.14
23Week 8 Tuesday Club Night EasyTook it easy, but did the measured mile by Southill6.53
Week 7 Total41.48
22Week 7 Long Run Sunday 16 MilesHad a brainwave to go "around the rock". Eat your heart out Lanehouse - Portland - Real Hill!!! (nice walk).16.31
21Week 7 Friday EasyEasy 5 miles but unfortunately one of those runs of mine that was "ruined" hence having to walk a lot at the end πŸ™5.09
20Week 7 Thursday Faster 5k In The MiddleStuck to the Rodwell Trail this week for β€œ5k at MP” but sure I ran faster than marathon pace5.13
19Week 7 Wednesday 7 Miles Hilly3 * Belfield + 2 * Lanehouse + 1 * Army Camp = 7 Miles. Really pleased with this run - wasn't sure I'd be able to keep it going πŸ™‚6.97
18Week 7 Tuesday Easy Club RunWent a bit further than expected, but took it nice and easy. Familiar territory - Rodwell Trail and over to Portland.7.99
Week 6 Total38.03
17Week 6 Sunday Long Run 15 Miles 15 miles today. First 8 with Hayley Howard flew by, but bit more of a struggle after that. But I see I did speed up towards the end πŸ™‚ Which I think the plan allows me to do.14.92
16Week 6 Friday Easy Easy 10k, but probably went a bit quicker than I should have6.25
15Week 6 Thursday Faster 4k And WarmdownA lot calmer than last week on the Causeway this week πŸ™‚3.62
15Week 6 Thursday Warmup Warmup before faster 4km on the Causeway.1.17
14Week 6 Wednesday Hilly Hit the hills properly tonight! Whoever thought it was a good idea to do Lanehouse twice on one run?6.37
13Week 6 Tuesday Easy Club RunTook it easy, but wasn't expecting to have to do hills!5.69
Week 5 Total34.47
12Week 5 Sunday Long Run 13 MilesThe plan called for 13 miles at pretty easy pace. Going well 'til the last couple of miles, then all a bit of a struggle.13.06
11Week 5 Saturday Easy 4 MilesNice easy pace - able to appreciate lovely views of the Portland Harbour and the Fleet πŸ™‚ 4.59
10Week 5 Thursday Faster 4k And WarmdownSupposed to do 4k @ 5:43 but the windiest I've ever done, and had to walk at one point for danger of being blown over. #BigMistake3.52
10Week 5 Thursday Warmup Warmup before faster 4km on the Causeway.0.93
9Week 5 Wednesday Hills7 miles of hills it said - that was tough!7.23
8Week 5 Tuesday Club RunEasy run with Les Hooper's group tonight πŸ™‚5.14
Week 4 Total24.87
7Week 4 Sunday Long RunA late 10 mile run after returning from London. Not too bad.9.99
6Week 4 Saturday CLIC Sargent TrainingThe running practice bit of the CLIC Sargent training day. Thresholds and intervals. Probably ran another couple of km with the run to the park and back πŸ™‚3.73
5Week 4 Thursday TimetrialDid 2k Time Trial in the middle on the causeway.6.17
4Week 4 Wednesday HillsThe plan said hit the hills for 5 miles, so used the Belfield Park Ave loop and the the dreaded Lanehouse. Went pretty well after no run on Tuesday off the back of severe man flu πŸ˜‰4.98
Week 3 Total17.26
3Week 3 Sunday LongFirst serious Paris run. After man flu and blood donation this was really tough - actually did about 19k11.07
2Week 3 Saturday Weymouth Parkrun Tried to do 29 min pace for Norma Smart, but we missed it πŸ™3.13
1Week 3 Thursday Pegwell Bay ParkrunNew Year's day in Kent. If I didn't have to go back to mother's I could have done Pegwell Day and Herne Bay in the same day.3.07